Confronting Compromise

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IT’S TIME TO STAND FOR TRUTH, NO MATTER WHAT. Shifting truths, new worldviews, faith deconstruction, political and social upheaval, outrage addiction and “cancel culture” . . . we live in a world full of compromise. Yet, God has not called us to cave in but to confront it—beginning with our own lives. Confronting Compromise is an infusion of courage for those who are overwhelmed or just over it! It is a challenge to not back down—or back up—but to stand for truth, no matter what! What a fearful world needs is fearless leadership.

In Confronting Compromise, Joe Champion utilizes riveting biblical narratives, inspiring personal stories, and no-nonsense applications that will help you:

- Discover biblical leadership principles to apply in every setting.
- Identify areas of your life where you need more intentionality and strength.
- Gain a biblical perspective of how to have an enduring faith in a shifting culture.

After Confronting Compromise, you’ll never look at compromise the same again.

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