Charleston Marsh Candle - Edisto 22oz

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Edisto Island

Edisto Island, a beloved Charleston sea island, is rich in history and natural land. As a place where time seems to slow down to a relaxing pace, we wanted to honor the location and the people with a scent unlike any other we carry. Notes of lemon and citrus oils are highlighted by the scent of sea salt and grounded by welcoming notes of jasmine and lemongrass.  We pray this becomes a favorite for you, just as it has for us!

Made with love in South Carolina

We don’t use any secret ingredients or chemicals, so you’ll know that what goes into your space is safe to burn for hours around the people who matter most to you.

Nontoxic Cotton Wicks

We only use wicks that are made with 100% cotton and 0% toxins, for a longer burn and a safe and healthy atmosphere.

Purely Natural Oils

Every candle is completely mixed with all-natural oils for an aroma that pleases your senses throughout the life of the candle.

All-Natural Soy Wax

We hand pour paraben-free, organic soy wax at the perfect temperature, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your space.

Made for You

You deserve the perfect candle with all the best ingredients, but we also end each pour with a prayer of gratitude and peace for the one who lights it.

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