Called and Accountable: Discovering Your Place in God's Eternal Purpose, Tenth Anniversary Edition

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The Blackabys challenge every follower of Christ to explore the life-transforming, world-changing call that God gives each believer in this bold sequel to Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God--more than 7 million sold. This tenth anniversary edition contains fresh perspectives bookended with all-new personal testimonies that illustrate God's calling and accountability for all who experience Him--to live fruitful lives. The authors help ordinary individuals to experience the reality that God is still calling them today just as He did in biblical times, to accomplish His eternal purposes. This six-week workbook will help believers answer: Who are the called? How am I called? What is a call? When am I called? How do I live out the call? and more. The study is ideal for individuals', small-groups', and leaders' use. A DVD is also available and includes teaching sessions with Norman Blackaby as well as vignettes with Norman and Henry providing a retrospective on the past and continuing impact of this study born from the Scriptures.

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