Believe Again: Finding Faith After Losing Religion

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How do you know when you need to believe again? If you have ever gone through burnout in your spiritual life or disappointment in your church experience, then it may be evident. For others, it is not so clear. You continue to push forward despite the check engine light warning you something is wrong beneath the surface. In Believe Again, Josh uses his real-life fish out of water story to demonstrate how you can leave behind exhausting religion and find refreshing faith. Josh's entire life was wrapped up in his job, relationships, and involvement at his church. But what happens when all of that is stripped away, and he enters the real world for the first time? Instead of preaching on stage and enjoying the trappings of being a successful ministry leader, he found himself delivering pizza, attending church with homeless people under a bridge, and wrestling with the realities of life outside of his church bubble. And that is just the beginning of this intentional yet unconventional journey to discover a new way to relate to God, church, and those who do not believe as we do. Whether you are like Josh and are unaware of how much you need to make a change, or you are already looking for something new, Believe Again's raw and sometimes hilarious story will inspire you to overcome life's setbacks and rejuvenate your faith.

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