Accu-Gel Bible Glider

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When you study the Word of God and come across a verse that stands out to you, it may be valuable to highlight the text and come back to it later as you explore the meaning of the Scriptures. This set of two Bible highlighters were made for the thin pages of Bibles to highlight text without beading through. Keep the ink you want on the page you're on. The ink is also made to be smudge and smear resistant. Highlight the text you want for long lasting marker of how God revealed His message to you in His Word.
These highlighters use a long-lasting gel stick. Twist the base of the highlighter to extend the gel each time you need to use it. As it wears down, you can extend it more, until the gel is used up, and it's time for more.
- 2 highlighters
- Gel ink
- Doesn't bleed through
- Smear resistant
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