A Prayer For Every Occasion

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Prayers for when you're suffering, prayers during a waiting season, prayers for when you seek growth and transformation--organized by occasion and need, A Prayer for Every Occasion offers abundant prayer examples to share with others or pray privately.

God encourages us to approach Him with confidence. Yet often we don't know what to say. We wonder if we'll pray the "wrong" way--or we simply have no words at all.

Including beloved prayers from Scripture as well as historical prayers, this lovely gift book teaches us how to pray with passion and joy. Written for veteran pray-ers as well as for those of us who find prayer intimidating, A Prayer for Every Occasion provides an overview of the most common elements found in well-known prayers--including the words of Jesus--to help us find new confidence in our prayer lives. This richly rooted book also includes original prayer prompts and inspiration about why prayer matters.

With gentle invitations to rest in God and practical tips on how to pray, A Prayer for Every Occasion is an invaluable resource that you will turn to again and again as you draw near to a God who always welcomes you.

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