A Look at Life from the Fairway: A Devotional

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A Golfer’s Guide to Seeking God on the Green

The Lord uses each of our unique interests to speak to us—including the great game of golf! From your time on the fairway to your time in the rough, God can repurpose the insights you’ve gained from golfing to help you better understand truths of His Word.

In A Look at Life from the Fairway, bestselling author and outdoor enthusiast Steve Chapman is here to help golfers everywhere notice the parallels between golfing and walking with Christ. Through these engaging and encouraging devotions, you’ll learn how to apply your best golfing skills and tactics to your faith, bringing into your relationship with God the same focus and intentionality you bring to your tee times.

Coached by Steve’s friendly voice and uplifting words of wisdom, A Look at Life from the Fairway will inspire the heart of every Christian golfer.

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