52 Sundays

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Who knows where it comes from or why it occurs. For me, Sundays have always been my day to relax and reflect. One day I sat down and decided to put my thoughts down on paper. That is when I began writing the poems… again many felt like they wrote themselves. Every Sunday I would commit to writing one poem. There were a few Sundays it seemed as though I could not stop writing because the ideas kept flowing right through me. One Sunday in particular I had written over a dozen poems! Before I knew it a year had passed and I had quite a compilation of my poems. I decided to re-read them to see if I could feel the way I did reading them as I did when I first wrote them. It was strange how it felt like I was reading many of them for the first time. I loved the title 52 Sundays, because I wanted to see if I could write something every week. I have selected my favorite 52 poems. My desire is that some of them will resonate with you. As I mentioned I am a story teller at heart, I hope you enjoy 52 Sundays-An Inspirational Slice of Life.

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