100 Days of Hope & Encouragement - Devotional Journal

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Do you feel lost in the mundane? God says you have a purpose.
Do you find that fear creeps in? God says you are held.
Do you wonder if anyone notices or cares? God says you are important.
Do you feel isolated? God says you are not alone.

It's time to experience 100 days of eternal hope and encouragement!

This devotional journal amplifies twelve indisputable truths about who God says you are in Christ. Armed with these truths you will be able to face any challenge, step into your toughest calling and live the adventure God has for you.

With daily devotions, Scriptures, prayers and plenty of journaling space for personal reflection you'll focus on the truth of God's heart for you in a very personal way, strengthening your relationship with God. As you are filled up and refreshed, you'll be inspired to share God's life-giving love with those around you.

Twelve indisputable truths:

  1. You Are Loved
  2. You Are Not Alone
  3. You Are Known
  4. You Are Important
  5. You Are Forgiven
  6. You Are Special
  7. You Have a Purpose
  8. You Are Held
  9. You Are Guided
  10. You Are Equipped and Able
  11. You Are Blessed
  12. You Have a Reason for Hope
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