Lullaby Prayer

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From the whip-poor-will's warbles to the deepening shadows on the barn and the sleepy songs of the wind, every echo of a country evening becomes a bedtime ballad in Lullaby Prayer.

This debut picture book from author Tamara Bundy will send your children into dreamland with a promise of God's peaceful presence all night long. As gentle nighttime scenes move through a sleepy farm, lyrical lines lull little listeners into rest. The trees, fields, and reassuring night-light reflect Jill Howarth's rich color palette, even as the moon smiles, the fireflies dance, and darkness unfolds her blanket to drape the farm in cozy quiet.

Bundy's poetic writing in Lullaby Prayer is perfectly paired with Jill Howarth's illustrations, making for a sweet bedtime ritual between you and your child. Each stanza ends with a prayer for your little one's night:

When the warmth of your blanket hugs you,

and it's time for one last good-night kiss,

know I will be near and God is right here.

    May He bless us with more nights like this.

With its embellished cover and evocative poetry, Lullaby Prayer is sure to be a soothing part of your evening as you tuck your little one into God's loving care.

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