God Made the Dinosaurs

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In this beautifully illustrated picture book for young readers, discover fun facts and scientific information about dinosaurs, fossils, and prehistoric life, all in a faith-based context. Learn what the Bible says about dinosaurs, what the fossil record and paleontologists throughout history have taught us, and how dinosaurs embody the creativity and awesomeness of God’s creation.

From T. rexes to pterodactyls, God Made the Dinosaurs is jam-packed with fascinating information about the creatures that once roamed earth, sea, and sky. Delving into what we’ve learned from fossils and genetics, young paleontologists will love exploring the rich, detailed illustrations and soaking up the fun, educational facts.

God Made the Dinosaurs goes a step further than other dinosaur books, answering readers’ curiosity about how science aligns with faith and showing them how science and religion can work together to teach us all about the amazing world God has created.

God Made the Dinosaurs is perfect for:

  • Kids ages 6-10 who love dinosaurs and fossils
  • Parents who want to answer questions about faith and science
  • Educators and Sunday school teachers looking for STEM books that are rooted in faith
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