Fierce Love-A Journal for Couples

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In Fierce Love: A Journal for Couples, a companion to Fierce Love, Susan Scott guides couples through eight must-have conversations that lead to deep connection and lasting commitment. With thought-provoking questions and hands-on exercises, this guided journal asks couples the hard questions and gives them prompts to start having honest, compelling conversations such as: 

  • Do I want this relationship?
  • How are we really?
  • Clarifying conditions: yours, mine, ours
  • Getting past "How are you? I'm fine."
  • It's not you; it's me.

Whether you've begun a new relationship, are already deep into a relationship--perhaps a marriage--and struggling, or simply want to ensure that you and your partner continue to nurture the love you share, these are the conversations that will help you navigate the often difficult and challenging waters of your most important relationships.

Now is the best time to learn how to communicate with those we love the most. But we don't want to simply love. We want a fierce love that will withstand the test of time and grow stronger over the years.

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