Creative Soul Within

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he Creative Soul Within invites you to:

  • Reflect on your emotions and let go of stress
  • Connect back to the simple things that bring you joy
  • Reflect on God's faithfulness and His goodness in your life
  • Explore your creative side with easy, guided prompts

Each entry includes: 

  • A Bible verse about God's creation 
  • A brief and encouraging reflection about faith, friendship, nature, and beauty
  • A simple writing prompt, craft, or gardening tip to help you engage your creative side
  • A low-budget shopping list, as needed

For creatives of all skill levels, The Creative Soul Within is a perfect gift to give to people who want to know themselves and their God more deeply. Featuring four-color photography and a bright and fresh design, The Creative Soul Within is a beautiful gift for Mother's Day, graduations, birthdays, holidays, or self-purchase.

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