She Prayed: 12 Stories of Extraordinary Women of Faith Who Changed the World

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Praying girls are world-changers! . . . And this delightful storybook proves it!

Just for the girls in your life, ages 5 and up, this collection of twelve extraordinary stories of women who prayed will empower girls to know and understand how women have made a difference in the world and how much smaller our faith would be without them. Colorful illustrations complement the true stories of these twelve amazing women:

Deborah, judge and prophetess

Faye Edgerton, American missionary

Esther, Jewish orphan who became a queen 

Elizabeth Fry, angel to the poor and imprisoned

Hannah, unselfish mother

Anne Hutchinson, one of the first women in America to speak up about her faith

Esther Ibanga, pastor in Nigeria

Mahalia Jackson, world-famous gospel singer

Helen Keller, blind and deaf, she made an impact on the world

Lottie Moon, missionary to China

Pandita Ramabai, Hindu-turned-Christian missionary

Phillis Wheatley, slave-turned-writer

The stories of these courageous women will encourage and inspire young girls to become the world-changers God created them to be!

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