Cleere Cherry Reaves - Refreshed: Meeting with Jesus, Becoming Love in Action - Devotional Guide

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How would your life change if you woke up each morning with fresh hope for a new day? It's so easy to let the everyday tasks of life weigh us down. Run on autopilot. Go through the motions, telling ourselves we are ''getting through'' each day. But we weren’t designed to just ''get by,'' we were meant to thrive.

In Refreshed: Meeting with Jesus, Becoming Love in Action by Cleere Cherry Reaves, weary souls can meet with Jesus and discover God's many promises to supply a renewed strength -a strength that soars higher than our troubles, a strength that will not grow weary, a strength that delivers a fresh perspective for a greater impact in the world around them. As readers accept this invitation to sit in the peace of His presence for 30 days, they'll not only learn more of Jesus' love but feel it, being revived by precious time with Him.

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