Captivating Guided Journal Revised Edition

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The Captivating Guided Journal is designed to complement your reading of Captivating – there is one chapter in the journal for every one of the twelve chapters in the book. Using this journal means you’re hungry for more. More of Jesus, more healing, more restoration, and more transformation into the woman you were created to be. You even get more in the journal itself! The “Windows to the Heart” and “Lifting the Veil” sections feature special features and excerpts from other books and movies that you won’t find in the companion book.   

By the way, this is not your normal “workbook.” There are no wrong answers. No fill-in-the-blanks. You don’t have to struggle or worry about “getting it right.” Who wants another workbook anyway? We have enough work to do already. Besides, calling this a workbook would imply that the messages in the book Captivating are to be mastered. And mastered in a measurable way. Not at all. The messages in the book are to be pondered, considered. Some embraced. Some practiced. Some set aside for a later time.  

In this journal you will experience… 

  • Excerpts from the companion book, Captivating 
  • Guided prayers 
  • “Windows to Your Heart” – insights from movies, books, and music 
  • “Lifting the Veil” – an activity or exercise to try 
  • Journaling prompts correlating to each section of the chapter in the book 

This journal is for your heart. Engaging with it says that you are willing to take a journey of discovery with him. You have said “yes” to God. You are continuing to say “yes.” May he meet you in the deep places of your heart and bring you hope, courage, healing, and the delights of intimacy that only God can bring.  

Designed for use with Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul (9781400225286), sold separately.  

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