Bible Study: Youth Edition, revised

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The Bible Study: Youth Edition is a 90-day study that takes you through each book of the Bible with an easy-to-follow framework that helps you better understand the Bible and feel confident in your faith. Written for middle-school and high-schoolers, you'll be able to find new and exciting ways of connecting to the Word.

Start your journey by reading the entire New Testament and go through overviews of each Old Testament book.

· Feel more engaged with easy-to-follow daily reading plans. 
· Grow your faith with powerful questions and reflections that help you uncover insights that last a lifetime. 
· Experience and connect with Scripture on a new level with an attractive design and beautiful, full-color pages throughout.

Better understanding the Bible will transform your life from the inside out. Get to know what your faith means to you with a study that guides you from cover-to-cover, helping you unlock a deeper connection to God.

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