50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know

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Good manners are not just a quaint and old-fashioned concept. They're an essential aspect of every young lady's path to adulthood. It's safe to say that today's young woman is exposed to more opportunities than any generation of women in history, and these essential guidelines created by author Kay West will help parents ensure that their daughters grow up to succeed in any situation.

In 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know, you will learn about:

  • Making conversation with adults
  • Accepting a gift you don't like
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Winning and losing graciously
  • Writing a thank-you note

While the formal rules of etiquette are not taught the way they once were, 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know provides a modern take on the ageless idea that girls should know appropriate and courteous responses to any given situation.

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