Rebuilding Beautiful

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Kayla Stoecklein became an unexpected widow in August 2018 when her husband, Andrew, the pastor of their large church in California, died by suicide. With three young boys also grieving and a heart full of pain, it became her mission to bring hope and help to others who have faced unexpected hardships. Rebuilding Beautiful shows people that they not only have a purpose, but that they can build a beautiful life once again.

In Rebuilding Beautiful,Kayla shares the life experiences that have turned into lessons, including

  • acknowledging the pain;
  • making the choice to start healing;
  • finding courage in uncertainty;
  • embracing God’s constant presence; and
  • exploring a new path and falling in love with life all over again.

Sometimes, the journey from agony to awe takes time. Rebuilding Beautiful is the perfect roadmap for anyone who's on the path from heartache to a life that is a new kind of beautiful.

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