Monuments of Grace: Living a Life Laid Down in Authentic Worship

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Worship is the Culture of Heaven. When we worship, we become cultural ambassadors of heaven here on earth. Worship was never supposed to be relegated to a few songs at church before the pastor preaches. It is the catalyst that activates every aspect of a disciple’s life. In the Old Testament, when God revealed Himself to His people, often they would respond by building an altar in His honor. These altars served a dual purpose: both as sanctuaries of worship where God’s glory rested and as monuments to what He had done there. Future generations would see these stone altars and recall the testimonies of God’s miraculous blessings. In the New Testament, the Apostle Peter writes, “We are living stones, being built into a spiritual house for a holy priesthood to offer sacrifices acceptable to God.” Our lives are now the altars before our Father, ignited by the Holy Spirit, to bring glory to Jesus through sacrificial worship and to be monuments of His grace to the world around us.

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