Miracle In The Making - The Devotional for Expectant Moms

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An encouraging devotional for new and expecting mothers. The transition to motherhood is a beautiful journey. No matter how much knowledge you acquire ahead of time, you always learn on the job. The experience of pregnancy is filled with can be filled with “what if’s” ― and for some, it becomes a test of faith to endure the ups and downs. Miracle in the Making: The Devotional for Expectant Moms is designed to encourage and strengthen the hearts of mothers who are encountering the swell of anxiety, excitement, anticipation, and fear that comes with expecting a child… and to reassure them that the One who knits every soul together in every mother’s womb will never leave their side. A perfect devotional gift for new mom's and pregnant moms for baby showers or any occasion you want to celebrate your new little bundle of joy.

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