God, I Know You're Good

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From picnics to ocean waves to the kindness of a friend, all good things are gifts from God. God, I Know You're Good shows babies, toddlers, and preschoolers how to recognize God's loving presence all around them--and in them!

Written from the perspective of a child, God, I Know You're Good helps little ones realize how we can find God's goodness in fuzzy caterpillars, play dates, parades, and stars. With imaginative, whimsical illustrations from Shane Crampton, this board book:

  • Is ideal for ages 3–7
  • Includes thoughtful, read-aloud-friendly rhymes
  • Is a great gift for a baby shower, baptism, Christmas, or Easter
  • Travels easily, is small enough to fit in a child's lap, and is a perfect bedtime read

With words and pictures that describe God's presence in a way that kids can understand, God, I Know You're Good is a beautiful reminder to each of us that we can see the goodness of God's love every time we look around us.

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