End of the Age

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Citing examples from national and international media and using Scripture to confirm his insights, Hagee presents a compelling argument to prove that time is indeed running out. This very timely message discusses:

  • the reality of virtual terrorism
  • the financial crisis and economic crash
  • opposing views of the Rapture
  • recent peace agreements in the Middle East that impact Israel and a potential Russian invasion
  • nuclear wars
  • the purpose of the Tribulation and the Millennium

Significantly updated and revised from its previous publication under the title From Daniel to Doomsday, this is quintessential Hagee on Bible prophecy and End-Times teaching. This insightful book is an ideal resource for:

  • Christians looking for a guide to what the Bible says about the end times--and how to recognize that they are approaching.  
  • Readers who enjoyed Hagee’s previous works--Can America Survive?Earth’s Final Moments, and The Power of Prophetic Blessing.

Mark it down: The End of the Age is approaching, but it won’t be ushered in by space aliens or catastrophic asteroids. Hagee guides us through the timeline before that fateful moment when every unredeemed individual must face God on Judgment Day.

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