Colors Of Hope

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Are you ready for God’s intervention in your messy, mundane, and seemingly hopeless circumstances? Then prepare yourself for miracles to be more than just stories from the distant past, but your present reality as well. Shawn Wood, lead pastor of Freedom Church, dives deep into seven of Jesus’ miracles to reveal how you can make room in your mind and life for a divine move of God. While you think you’re waiting on God, He may be waiting on you! In this book, you’ll learn: – What prep work is needed before you can receive a miracle – Why you shouldn’t get caught up in the “how” – How to upgrade from mat living to mat ministry – What’s in store when you stop focusing on life’s storms – Where to turn and what to look for when life becomes messy – How to keep pain and disappointment from bringing you down – Why spiritual passivity won’t get you anywhere PLUS workbook sections will help you advance to the front lines of what God wants to do for and with you! Pick up your copy of Colors of Hope today and get ready for your life to intersect with God’s power and plan in extraordinary ways!

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