Color and Pray

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Enhance your faith and experience the power of prayer with this spiritual coloring book for adults—the combination of reading inspiring scriptures and coloring stress-relieving patterns promotes relaxation and happiness during hectic periods of tribulation. Each pattern within the pages includes beautiful gold detailing, that once colored in will make an elegant piece of art.

Our lives today are hectic, filled with demands that can be overwhelming. Color and Pray, filled with 30 inspiring Bible passages accompanied by beautiful abstract line drawings, allows you to take a pause and feel closer to God.

Each spread illustrates one Bible passage in a beautiful geometric style, with the relevant text printed on the left-hand page. The artwork templates include “ghost” shapes to color which hide harsh outlines. Color and Pray begins with an instructional section that clearly explains basic techniques for art pens, pencils, and paints, and ends with blank pages that allow you to choose and draw your favorite Bible passages to color.

Color and Pray features metallic gold foil on the cover and gold color throughout. Once finished, each illustration is truly a unique piece of art that can be easily removed using scissors for framing or display.

With exquisite renderings of devotional passages Color and Pray is a creative way to feel God’s power, contemplate his message, and spread His word.

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