Cheers to the Diaper Years: 10 Truths for Thriving While Barely Surviving

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Many parents spend too much time striving for perfection or feeling pressure to do so. Constantly bombarded with the latest parenting trends, they endlessly research nutritional values, product safety ratings, socializing opportunities, and educational activities. While these actions are valuable, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged.
There’s no one-size-fits-all style of parenting. However, the Bible provides us with an encouraging framework for godly parenting. Cheers to the Diaper Years provides ten biblical truths that will help you:

  • relinquish the idea of a perfect mom.
  • rely on God and his guidance for raising children in a loving, Christian home.
  • feel secure in knowing that God designed you to be the ideal mother for your child.
  • focus on the true mission of a Christian parent: to guide your child to Christ.

Mothers do not need to succumb to unattainable or self-imposed parenting pressures. God’s satisfaction is the only stamp of approval required.

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