Beginner's Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now

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Hate to break it to you, but you're never going to "find your passion." Why? Because your passion and purpose are something you create--actively--day by day. How? Glad you asked.

In her signature tell-it-like-it-is fashion, entrepreneur Liz Forkin Bohannon shows you how to cultivate the mindsets that will help you live like you were made on purpose and for a purpose. Sharing the hilarious and heartbreaking stories of her own screwups and successes, Liz shows you how to

· embrace your Inner Beginner
· dream small
· choose curiosity over criticism
· own your average
· and so much more

It's within your power to build a life of purpose, passion, and impact. All you need is a little bit of pluck!

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