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Now he and his friends are being called up by the Seer Team to join a new battle of good versus evil. It's a kind of spiritual warfare he might not be ready for. This battle will take him far from his home in Charleston to the land of sorcery, secret societies, and the burning sand of the Sinai desert. Three thousand years ago, with a very powerful weapon called the Matteh in his hand, a warrior named Moshe defeated the dark magic of Egypt’s sorcerers. He horribly cursed their land, and freed their slaves. The Order of Heka, an ancient brotherhood led by descendants of the defeated sorcerers has been searching for the Matteh ever since. If the Matteh comes under the control of The Order of Heka, the Dark Prince’s army will possess its power. Asher and his friends must risk everything to find it and protect it. This time, Seer Team agents are missing, the stakes are higher, and the desert is unforgiving.

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